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[07 Oct 2002|08:57pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Fukin ppl and their stupid comments...wateva... =o)
I changed my journal name... sexual_kissez
Dun bother looking at it if you had a problem with this one, aight fukerz? Have a nice day..Buh Byes
<3 Jenalynn

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***Partying [29 Sep 2002|12:17pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

This weekend was fun...Billy went to a strip club thursday...so i ended that...and i like jay now, ive always had a lil thing for him, that i neva thought would go anywhere...but now we talk. =o) Hes so cute! On friday I went to Garcia's...it was me, alex, josh, garcia, steve, and then steve's gurlfriend brittney showed up with katelyn maura or sumthin...that gurl duznt like me cuz her and chris broke up cuz i was on his lap or sumthin...oh well my b! anywayz...we got alcohol..i was wiked gone, ppl left at like 1 and passed out there at like 1:30. Me, alex & josh slept there. Christina i guess left the house afta everyone passed out and she didnt come home until 8 the next morning...Then i went home and took a nap. I was home alone so i was dancing and singing around the house...lol..then i went and took a bath, got dressed and went to ricky's. Everyone was wiked gone there...And i drank a couple sips of my beer, but i hate beer so i gave it to jillian...She was wiked drunk, she didnt even know who i was. Then ricky's uncle showed up and kiked everyone out. Shane drove me home and Talia, Chris and Warren were at my house. They left at like 11:30 and Alex slept ova...We layed down at like 12:30 and she fell asleep...Jay called me at like one and wen i got off the phone with him i passed out. Today i think im gunna stay home, cuz i dun feel good...I mite go bak to sleep soon, cuz I got up at 10 and thats way too early for me. Im talking to Keith ryte now and watchin the disney channel..so im gunna go..
<3 Jenalynn

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bLeh [25 Sep 2002|12:39pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Im sick for the second day ina row...Today is a half day...But i couldnt go my head hurts...Yesterday I didnt go to work...But im gunna go today cuz i need $ =/ ughhh but i dunno wateva im watching tv...and im gunna go get dressed...I neva write in this damn thing anymore i neva have time i have school till 2:30, work till 6, then Billy<3 I love him hes so adorable...I went to his house last nite..and I talked to him on the phone this morning. I dunno if im gunna see him tonite tho because he has to paint his room...Maybe ill go help him...K thats all for now!! OOo and Avril's birthday is friday!! Yay!!! Shes gunna be 18! Go Avril <333333
<3Always Jena

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[29 Aug 2002|11:44pm]
Happy Birthday cuzin & Joe! <3
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YAY! [29 Aug 2002|11:40pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Avril won best new artist! Shes the best! I went to Talia's with Alex to watch the vmas...And I got home from the cape yesterday..It was fun...Especially for one reason..heh ;)

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HAHA [24 Aug 2002|11:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Wow this gurl is sucha psycho, i swear the gurl belongs in a mental institution..the girl flips out on me for no reason and thinks shes all cool, she cracks me up...she thinks she bothers me, if she only knew how amusing she is yelling at my away messages...

I am avriLs twin: And no I don't wanna be you
Auto response from o little avril o: Wannbe me much?
Its alright...cuz we all know i look damn good
And so much betta! ;-)

Lemme one or call the cell..Alex is hea

I am avriLs twin: LOl, me? pathetic i got a life you're pathetic considering you think writing shit in your away message is gonna piss me off cus thats what your trying to do
I am avriLs twin: and i would never want to be you, never in my life
I am avriLs twin: and no you aint prettier than me and you're fucking fat so you get a life and get off your fat ass and fucking exercise
I am avriLs twin: thats fucking flipping out for you, you stuck up bitch
I am avriLs twin: [22 Aug 2002|11:11pm]

22 Aug 2002|05:53pm]
I am avriLs twin: Ohhh and I thought you knew for a fact that you made the avril layout before me?
I am avriLs twin: Well look at the facts, yours is the top date - mine is the bottom .. So who copied who?
I am avriLs twin: "Ya dumbass"

HAHHAHA...psycho... ;)

But anywayz...tonite my mommie went out and ppl came ova..Alex, Robby, Steve, Lewis, Timmy, Joe and Nathan were hea...We watched the diary of avril..it was wiked funny. Ppl left at like 10:30 and im hea with alex now...Tomorrow I have a job interview...Ill write more tomorrow...Or maybe lata if im bored!
<3 Always Jena <3

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hiii [24 Aug 2002|03:15pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i <3 avril

today i woke up at like 2, lol ima lazy ass...I went to the movies last nite with Robby, Scott & Steve...It was fun we went to see serving sara...the movie wasnt that good..be we made it fun scott was throwing popcorn at me and robby then robby threw his drink at scott, then there was all these 3rd graders outside who thought they were black..haha...but newayz...lately ive been dressing like punky...like avril<3 i love it, i love the baggy pants and the cute ties, i think i look adorable. and everyone seems to like it. Robbys said its changing the way i act, which is a good thing...And I love Avril so i love dressing like her. =o) Im neva gunna stop! LoL ooo and last nite on my away message i wrote "I look so cute in my avril clothes" and stacy flipped...goddamn the gurl needs a life...ITS JUST A SINGER, calm downnn! dont have to have a coniption..or howeva ya spell it! Oooo and i got my high school schedual today. But thats about it, i think im having ppl ova lata cuz my mommies going out. So maybe ill write more lata, gotta go pik out my avril outfit for today ;) <3333
<3 Jena

i <3 avril

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Fun Fun ;) [23 Aug 2002|12:02am]
[ mood | happy ]

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Click here to find out how obsessed you are!

Click here to find out which tie you are!

Who's your inner singer-songwriter?

Take the quiz!

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;o) [22 Aug 2002|11:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Myyy Avril Layout is so fukin prittyy!!!! =o) yea you love it dun lie! I havent written all summer, Im probly not gunna write much until school starts, thats in anotha like 2 weeks...Ugh I dun wanna go bak this is horrible. Today I went to the mall and bought converse, dickies, ties and wiked cute shirts! Im SOOO excited!! Theyre so pritty, and im sooo avril. i love her soo much. Then i went to the movies tonite with Alex and Joe...We went to see XXX, it was a boring movie but Vin Diesel was SO FUKIN GORGEOUS! OMG I WANNA BANG HIM! LoL..Tomorrow Im going to get a job with Alex..My boyfriend is goin away tomorrow, I wont see him for anotha week and a half, he has football camp! Grrr, ima beat him up...Oh wellz...Ima go now tho, Im watching Friends and talking to Alex online, and talking to Robby on the phone, im a multi talented person!! ;) ..Maybe Ill write more sum dayyyy!!!
<3 Jena

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Damn [06 Aug 2002|06:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Yea I havent written in a long time, Ive neva had time to write, I went on vacation to Hampton...And met Danny, I Love him, he asked me out two dayz ago, hes from watertown...But yea thats about it....Ill write more if I eva have anything to write about!!!
<3 Jena

[14 Jul 2002|05:56pm]
[ mood | moody ]

yesterday was my family reunion...bleh...sum ppl didnt show up, it was ok tho...talia and tina came...then billy piked us up, with steve and ashley and we went to the mall and i saw pants that i want! and i asked my mom to bring me to the mall today and she said yea, but wouldnt ya figure SHE DIDNT! grrr..damn ppl...but anywayz...then afta the mall we went to ninas she was there with danny and we chilled there, then we drove to royals or sumthin? then talia and tina slept ova, and we were supposed to go to the beach today but we couldnt because billy had soccer...so now im sitting on my ass , waiting for talia and tina to get ready. Then i think we're goin out with steve or sumthin..i dunno thats about it... im out <3
<3 Jena

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[10 Jul 2002|12:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Last nite was fukin awesome....Steve, Steve and Stacy met me at blockbuster and we rented *ripper* & *romeo&juliet* and i bought *a walk to remember* hehe i love that movie...then we went bak to my house and attempted to watch ripper, but cuzin left in the middle of it to go home and get the car...the movie was dumb, and then steve came bak at 8ish and we went to go pik up josh, then we piked up billy...then billy went and got josh and steve rum...then stacy was on the phone with jackie who i guess has been talking shyt or sumthin...and then this whole thing ended up happening...and jackie came up to stacy's window wen we were in the car...so stacy opened the door and hit her with it...then they were fighting and they were on the ground and shyt...then all of jackie's friends appear, wen they said they wouldnt go...fuking bitches...then sum person yelled out their window that the cops were comin, so we all got in the car and went to drop josh off at home...then we went to the police station...cuz stacy wanted to know if she could get a restraining order on her but she cant, cuz shes not family and not a lover or sumthin...lol...then she hadda talk to sum cop...then we left and went to my house and sat there for awhile. They all left at like 11:30. Then i watched a walk to remember an cried for like an hour. Then i went to sleeppp...I dunno wat im doin today, im still wiked tired tho...I dunno why im up this early! Anddddd I think robby is dead...because i havent talked to him in a couple dayz...i havent talked to him since he was mad that i was on the phone with taylor. Alex is comin home tonite....She was in everett all day yesterday and she slept there...ill probly do sumthin with her if she gets home early enuff....and tomorrow i think im hanging out with taylor and then friday im supposed to go to the movies...and saturday is my family reunion....ughhhh =o)

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[09 Jul 2002|10:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This weekend I was in maine...I brought Alex with me, she braided my hair and we played with the kids the whole time...It was fun, ronnie took us on the boat. then today me and alex met up with robby, josh, christina, danny, timmy and steve...and we walked to friendlys and i was wearing my big shoes and now i have blisters. we walked around all nite but it was boring...and robby was grumpy and me and alex walked bak to my house at like 10. then i was on the phone with taylor then i went to sleep. =o)

Happy 2 Years Stacy & Steve

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=oD [05 Jul 2002|12:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hiiiiiiiiiiii....oo oo fireworks! lol...all day today i sat around my house cuz my family was hea, we had a barbque. it was funnnn! lol-then my mommie decided that she didnt wanna go to the fireworks in cambridge, so she dropped me off at alex's so i could go with them, jillian was already at alex's. i did my makeup and straightened my hair at her house, then we went to her grandmothers house in cambridge. we sat around there for like an hour, then we went to the fireworks...the fireworks were ok...kinda boring tho. it was wikeddd hot out tooo, so it was yucky! then we went bak to alex's grandmothers for a lil while. We left at like 11ish, and me, & jillian slept at alex's, and so did her aunt and keith. When we got to her house we went in the pool and i got splashed and my makeup ran all ova my face =/ Then we went in the house and we all slept in the living room...alex slept on the couch and me, jillian and keith slept on the floor......

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[03 Jul 2002|03:29pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Robby came ova all day and we played with my lil cuzins..Its wiked hot out!! I think ima die!! And Im so tired cuz i get no sleeppppp....Ughhhh...and Alex and Jillian cme ova for a lil while =o) and thats about it....

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hiiii [02 Jul 2002|03:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hmmm today was boring...I fixed all my pictures...and I went with Steve to get things for stacy cuz its her birthday! And My family from Florida is hea....theyre soooo cute =o) But thats about it...I alwayz forget to write in this damn thing! Grrrr me!

Happyyy Birthdayyyy Stacyyyy!!!<3333

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damnit [29 Jun 2002|01:32pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i dun remember what ive been doing the past week really...i remember last sunday i went to tommy's(kristina's brother) graduation w/ christina...mad hot ppl there!! ughhh i thought i was gunna die...then that nite we met up with timmy, john, steve and chris...then i have no clue what i did until wednesdayyy...i went to boston for the day with jillian, alex, robby and danny...we walked around for two hours trying to find a restaurant...I SAW A HOBO CLOWN...wow he was wiked scary! we only stayed in boston for 2 hours...then i went home and got dressed then i went to the movies w/ jillian alex, and danny and robby and we met rosie and the bitch there...we went to see scooby doo..it was THE BEST movie ive eva seen! LoL...its soooooo funny. Then we all went bak to my house, alex and jillian slept ova. then thursday me, alex, jillian, rosie and jeanna went to alex's and we watched casper =o) then i slept at alex's and i went to sleep at 3 in the morning and woke up at 8:30 and went to the beach. Then i had ppl ova..it was boring..and im so tired ryte now...and im watching a lifetime movie, and i dunno what im doing today but i really need to go shopping, wiked badly! grrr...lol ima go noww!! BuH ByEz....
<3 Jena

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hey heyyy [22 Jun 2002|12:46pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ughhh i gutta rememba to write in this everyday! damnit...ima dumbass...but newayz...on thursday nite i ended up goin ova alex's with jason...and yesterday i met up with alex, taylor and jason and we sat at taylor's until 5, cuz he had baseball. and i saw eric!!! WOOWWW gorgeous! LoL...then me, alex and jason went to stoneham house and met up with robby and danny...then we sat at my house for a lil while...until john and timmy called us and we went up to walgreens to meet themm...then josh, christina, & kristina got dropped off and we just sat around for like 2 hours...robby got his lip pierced...it looks like it hurt...its all bruised. =/ owwerzz...newayz we ended up walking up main street and i saw JARED!!! wit steve and sum kid at andreas!! awww i missed jared hes sucha cutie =o) then billy pulled up with nina, jenna, stacy, steve and raechel(sp?) ughhhhhh i dunno then christina and alex slept ova...me and alex are watching tv and christina is still sleepinggg....ima go now thoo!!!
<3 Jena

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Ahhhh [20 Jun 2002|04:24pm]
[ mood | moody ]

I havent written in fukin 6 dayz! Shyttt that sux...hmmm...i have to figure out what i did..On Friday I went to the recital, and hung out with Steve and Steve..I saw Curtis...BLEHHH...What was i eva thinking last year!?!? ohhhh nooo!! bad me...lol so newayz, afta the recital i went to my auntie's house and me, Steve and Steve left and went to Ninas for a lil while, cuz Nina, Jenna, Stacy, Stacy, Ragu, & Billy were there..We went there for like an hour then we went bak to my auntie's...then i went home and passed out. On Saturday I got ina fite with Robby...Then I went to Ninas w/ Steve, Steve, Stacy, Nina, Billy, Rachel, Stacy, Ragu and Danny...Then we all drove to Royals..then we drove Danny home, and he kissed Nina goodbye =o) Then we all drove around Boston...Then I slept at Ninas. Then Sunday was Fathers Dayyy~!! and I went out to breakfast with my daddie...and Then i went to the mall to get a bra...Then I went to Talia's and Robby text messaged me, and we were doin that for like an hour...and he dumped me. Then Chris came to Talias so I went home at like 8:30 and took a bath. =o) Then Monday was recignition nyte!! I went to school, then I went home and took a shower and then I had a hair appt at 3..my hair took an hour and a half~!! I saw John, and Nikki at the hair place toooo. Then afta my hair was done i went home and did my nails and my makeup...I left the house at 5:30 and got to the school and stood around with Scott, Timmy and Jason until we had to get into our lines and go down to the gym. Jason sat behind me and they gave out all the awards and shyt...and then Rosie sang, i almost cried. Shes sucha good singer. Then I got my thing for graduating...Yay me- I passed 8th grade byatchhh!! LoL...Then everyone took pictures out in the court yard...Then I stood in front of the school for a lil while, then I went into the dance. I ate food then I was sitting with Jason and Timmy and Scott. I danced with Jason the first slow dance and with Timmy the rest of em. Awww it was soooo cute everyone has crushes<3 =o) I was sitting on Timmy's lap and Rosie came ova and asked if i liked him, i was like noooo! lol...then afta the dance i went out to kowloons with my mommie, daddie, bobby, james, talia, steve and chris. I got home at like 12ish...But in the car ride on the way home, robby called me and i guess he was mad, cuz sumone told him i liked timmy. ughh whatevaa. Then Tuesday I got my pictures developed and went to the school afta school. Then me, Jillian and Alex walked around...we walked to brothas..Then to walgreens and wen we were in walgreens timmy, john, steve, chris and matt showed up...so we sat outside with them for awhile. Jillian left and then alex did and i sat with them for an hour by myself...Then they were going to the skate park and i said i didnt wanna go, and timmy said he'd walk me home, but i said he didnt have to, so i walked home and sat home for the rest of the nite!!! BLeH! Then yesterdayyyy*wednesday* i woke up at 8:45, and went to the beach at 11 with alex, timmy, & john. then we went to rockport and i got my palm read. we got home at like 4:30 and i took a shower then alex came ova and we walked around and met up with jillian and talia..then alex slept ova...it was an ok nite, not that fun tho =( then todayyyy i went to the mall at 1 with Jillian and Alex, i got:
-2 pairs of shorts
-4 shirts
-3 thongs =o)

Now im home, and im on the phone and i bored...Jillian is home babysitting shes calling me afta...and Alex has cheerleading at 5:30, Jillian and calling me afta...and christina is calling me bak wen she gets bak frum turtle rock...so idunnno!!! ima go now tho
<3 Jena

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AHhhhhh [14 Jun 2002|10:08am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I was tired this morning, so i slept late. The dress rehersal made me tired, even tho i didnt do much...But im suppsoed to be walking to school now...ima leave in like 15 minutes..so i miss all of social studies, science and math! =o) ill get there for art, but we're having a party anywayz...i have to go tothe recital tonite..hopefully i get to get sloshed aftaa! hehehehe...im listening to eminem ryte now...cuz i didnt listen to it last nite before i went to bed cuz i was too tired to turn my sterio on...lol...oo wellz..i guess ima get going nowwww!! Love Youz
<3 Jena

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