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14 August
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My name is Jenalynn, Im from Stoneham, Ma, which is probly the most boring town eva. I moved hea wen i was 6, I used to live in Cambridge. I dunno why we moved. My birthday is August 14th 1987, Im 15 years old...Ima summer baby and i think i was born on a tuesday...random info.. ;) I love the summer, its so pritty and the warm weather is so nice, I love ta go swimmming...LoL...But newayz...I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and im only 4'11. Im legally a midget. It sucks, I cant reach stuph! LoL but thats ok. And Im a freshman at stoneham high. I stayed bak in 3rd grade, so i should be a sophmore. I have a cat named Angel, but I dun like him cuz hes not a kitten anymore.

I listen to rap, r&b and stuph like that mostly...I love Eminem and how outspoken he is..and hes pritty hot too..I love avril lavigne even tho everyone else in the world hates her! I dun care, cuz i love her. Thats pritty much it, anything else you wanna know just ask! ;)